As the worlds leading nation of dog lovers, walking the dog is a national past-time!!
Dog walkers are often spotted in groups, having a chat, catching up on the latest gossip and, for many single people, these meetings are a big part of their social activity.
Your beloved pet needs a lead, so what a great way to promote your brand!!
We offer 2 types of print:

1) Silk screen onto polyester - a strong but lightweight and flexible material. 
2) Dye sublimation print onto smooth polyester. As dye sublimation print is sublimated into the body of the material, this print method is more durable and longer lasting.
Our dog leads are made from a 140cm long piece of material, folded at one end to form a 150mm long stitched loop handle and are available in 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm widths.
They can be fitted with either a metal split ring to form a slip lead or the LAN14 spring loaded g clip.
Min Order qty is only 250pcs 

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